Monday, April 12, 2010

We're still here!

Don't worry fans, we are still here, just very busy. With the warmer weather will come new explorations. We've been keeping an eye out for new stuff to check out. Unfortunately with the scarcity of land, many historical and/or abandoned places are getting razed for new development. Municipalities are also getting more active in eliminating "eye sores" and "blight properties" to cut down on crime and make the area look nicer. BUT, with the recent economic recession, a whole new supply of abandoned and now-forgotten buildings has been created. While we tend to think of forgotten and abandoned places as old farmhouses, cabins, industries, or other large buildings, we can't forget the new, recently abandoned stuff- like all the K-Marts, Circuit Citys, Linens-N-Things, and other buildings that aren't traditionally thought of as abandonments. They are just thought of as "empty storefronts" and truly forgotten until something else moves in a few years down the road. So get out those cameras and start documenting abandonments you come across! Of course, please don't trespass.

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