Sunday, November 29, 2009

Inside Michter's

So I finally got a hold of the owner the other day and the only time he had to get me in for a tour of the place was today. Here are a few highlights of what is still there!

This is the small warehouse on the site. The sides are leaning, but the owner has stabilized them.
This is a view from the top story (I think there are 6) of the doubler building. The floors are open grate so you can see straight to the bottom.

This is some sort of grain separator in the fermenter/grain building. Still in good shape actually.

Steps leading up to the grain separator and tops of all the silos.

Sweet lookin' old copper piece. Not sure if this is part of the condesing system or not.

View of the column still going the whole way up.

This was where the small barrel-a-day still sat that the tourists got to see. It now resides in Bardstown, Ky.

Inside view of the column still.

Second inside view of the column still.

After going through the column, the whiskey was finished in this large pot still doubler. This is what made the great, unmistakable Michter's flavor.

One of the MASSIVE furnaces with a second in the background.

View of the fermenter tanks through a window.

This is the control board for the pot still and column. No space age electronics here!

Sign on the column still. Pretty much every vat, tank, or manufacturing items has a painted-on label.

This is the beer vat in the basement of the still house. The sour mash came into here before it went into the doubler.
Those are the highlights of the trip. I was surprised at how intact the place is and how good a condition most of it is in.


Al Ebaster said...

Awesome, awesome work Ethan! It's even better than I expected. Ha, I'm so thrilled I don't even know what to write.

Ethan Smith said...

Thanks man. I plan on doing much work at the distillery and also collecting as many artifacts as I can (bottles, decanters, paperwork, etc.) from many different sources.

Anonymous said...

Almost looks like there's still some mash in the last fermenter tank picture. Awesome pictures!

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