Sunday, September 6, 2009

The old W.A.&G. Railroad

These are some photos my wife and I snapped of the remnants of the Wellsville, Addison & Galeton Railroad. The railroad last ran November 7, 1979 and ALL trackage was removed shortly afterwards. Bridges, signs, and buildings were all left to rot.

The southwest facing shot would have been where the massive yard sat. The railroad started as the Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad. The brick buildings were part of their shops complex that was located here. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad took over the B&S in the early part of the 20th century and operated it until 1954 when "The WAG" railroad took over.

This shows the dilapidated condition of the office building. The bay window allowed the staff to watch incoming and outgoing trains and yard activity.

In the early 70's, a large portion of the original Buffalo and Susquehanna shop complex burned down. This was also the part that service work was being done on equipment. A new facility was built on part of the already abandoned yard to continue work. This is that building, now occupied by a construction company.

A shot of the rear of the office building. It's still full of stuff, but not train stuff, just junk. Not sure who owns it now but it appears no one has done anything inside for many years.

This caboose sits along route 6 just a stone's throw from the old tracks of the WAG. It was once one of their cabooses.

Another shot of one of the windows of the office building. Notice the curved glass window.

Another shot showing the front. Birds were flying in and out of holes in the roof.

The last shot is of the WAG bridge over Pine Creek in Watrous, PA There are still railroad ties on the bridge, but no rails. The bridge itself appears to be in very good condition.


Al Ebaster said...

Great shots. This must be really far north -- I spent the better part of the past year living just off Route 6, near Coudersport.

Ethan Smith said...

I was in Coudersport on Saturday. Are you back down around Lancaster again?

Al Ebaster said...

Yup, moved up last October and moved back in June. That was one winter I won't be forgetting any time soon!

It wasn't my favorite place to live, but driving up right in the middle of Autumn was beautiful beyond words. I won't be forgetting that, either, and in a year or two I'd like to go camping, or hunting, or something up toward Potter County.

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