Friday, May 29, 2009

New to this site.

Hello all,

Many of you have probably seen some of my comments posted under some of the posts on this site (as Bluecapriethan). Mr Al Ebaster has given me the ability to make actual posts on here and post photos as well. From time to time I plan on posting up photos of forgotten places I visit- some totally abandoned, some just that are forgotten. I also plan to get a tour of Michter's distillery Lebanon County sometime this summer.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ManaKinn's Livejournal

Amanda's an old friend of mine, and quite the artist. I love her abstracts in particular. Her blog is at She does commissions, by the way!

ForgottenPA's Fan Box

About ForgottenPA

Created by Al Ebaster in 2007 after a trip to Centralia, ForgottenPA has become one of Pennsylvania's most popular urban-exploration websites. Brian is our photographer, and we're happy to have Ethan Smith, aka Bluecapriethan in the comment sections, on board as an author and photographer as well.

We're always accepting photo submissions! Email your photos to, with a few words about where and when they were taken.

Want to join us? If you have a Blogger/Gmail account and a passion for Pennsylvania abandonments, send us some urban-exploration photos and a few words about yourself to Our authors retain all rights to the material they post, and are free to publish anything relevant to PA urban exploration at their own pace.
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