Monday, July 28, 2008

Opening Things Up

It's been a long time since we actually posted anything. Like most people, we run into problems with schedules, gas money, and time in general. And obviously, we're not going to be able to get to everything in PA -- we'd love to, but we have our limits with driving times, things to explore, etc.

That said, I think it's time to make ForgottenPA less about our own explorations, and more about PA abandonments in general. I'm going to start posting news, links, and reader-submitted photos, in addition to our personal trips.

To be sure, we're still exploring -- we were just up in Luzerne County, trying to find the remains of the Avondale Mine disaster -- and the heart of this site will always be our own explorations. But we're welcoming photos from just about any PA abandonment -- just send me an email (found in the sidebar) with links or attached photos. We'll be happy to link to your blog, website or photo album as well.

We'll be kicking off this new phase of ForgottenPA tomorrow, with a set of great photos sent in by a reader from an abandoned drive-in theater in Wyoming Valley.

So keep your eyes peeled -- we might actually start posting more!


Karen said...

Ah, that's a good idea! I only wish I could help out with submissions...but I don't live anywhere near PA :) Still, I look forward to more updates!

Anonymous said...

I remember going to the Moonlight Drive-in as a kid. We actually sold eggs to the Rizzos. I grew up on a poultry farm in Falls. I recall swing sets down near the screen.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm new to this forum and I thought I would drop in and say hi. I think you would enjoy a couple of places here in Western PA, one of which is the abandoned Shenango China Pottery plant in New Castle. My wife and I live near by there, the second one is a bike trail which I believe was an old rail line to transport coal from the coal mines. If you walk down this trail, theres some abandoned beehive coke ovens on your right side, it's pretty interesting!

Anonymous said...

The trail is parallel to Neshannock creek. There's also a concrete structure that may have been a rail bridge, I'm not absolutely sure, but it does have features of one.

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