Friday, November 23, 2007

Back in business

Sorry for the month-long lack of updates, folks. I've moved to a slightly more urban part of PA and haven't had Internet access until now. But with the new location comes more stuff to explore -- pics will be up soon!


Brian said...

If you call that urban, I'd hate to see what you call rural! hahaha. Seriously though, folks. We have some updating to be doing, I've just been lazy and not getting an account to make the updates, and Skipp has been lazy and not gotten internet...

Good stuff to come!

Urbanist said...

Welcomeeeee back :) Hope to see more soon, but I know how easy it is to let things slide for a bit ... don't worry tho we'll be here when yer ready ;)

Andy said...

where in pa do u guys live?

Al Ebaster said...

Hey Andy,

We're in the Berks/Lancaster/Lebanon area.

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