Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pizza World

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Driving around Pottsville, we passed Pizza World. I don't know why we didn't notice it before, but I was quick to remember the Abandoned But Not Forgotten page on the former restaurant:
"Pizza World! Pizza World!" I said.
Brian was slower to catch on: "What, are you hungry?"

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I don't know why, but I really liked the roof on this place.

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Yeah, not a lot to say about it. It was cool that we just happened upon the place, but there wasn't much to see.


steveo said...

The Pizza place was called Toggs at one time, and appropriately enough the diner featured on the Hall & Oates album "abandoned luncheonette" was virtually across the street from this pizza shop...

rsrs1491 said...

thank god you guys stayed off those stairs!

Urbanist said...

I'm jealous ... started to wish I lived in PA :) Hope I can find stuff like this here in Seattle ;)

Brilliantine Slick said...

In what I consider an interesting new development, the owner of this establishment just passed away a little over a week ago. He would be better known as the founder and former owner of the Rosedale Diner, which gained greater fame as the "Abandoned Luncheonette" steveo referred to. In fact, I wouldn't describe it as virtually across the street, I would describe it as directly across the street--just on the other side of the railing next to Towpath Park. You might still be able to find a piece of the A.L. if you scrounge long enough.

Anonymous said...

In the text, you misidentified Pottstown as Pottsville. Pizza World was actually in East Coventry, on Rt 724.

Al Ebaster said...

Ah geeze, I'm always getting Pottstown and Pottsville confused -- one's around Frick's Lock, the other's around Centralia. Sorry about that.

As for the abandoned luncheonette, Wikipedia has this: "The diner on the cover of the Abandoned Luncheonette album was formerly the Rosedale Diner located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. It went out of business and was moved to a small wooded area located along Route 724 in Kenilworth, PA, where this picture was taken and where the diner stayed until it was basically stripped apart by 1983 by people looking for souvenirs. The remains were moved from the site shortly thereafter."

Damn souvenir hunters!

J said...

This place was all fenced off last time I drove past, they may be taking it down. :(

Anonymous said...

I live around the corner from here (in East Coventry Township, also known as rural Pottstown). Pizza World is still here as of today (4/27/2011). A few years ago there was a rumor they were going to knock it down and build a Turkey Hill convenience store. They fenced off the area but nothing ever happened.

If you visit, take a minute to drive around the block of this property (turn onto Peterman Road and take a right onto Old Schuylkill Road). The rest of the property has an old house that's been abandoned for decades, as well as a falling-apart garage with at least one rusty classic car inside. I never got the courage to jump the fence and walk around, but if you're brave it's really easy to access. There's also a small abandoned Mennonite meeting house across from the house, with an ancient cemetery if you're into that.

heather said...

What happened to this place. I grew up in this area and It has always been boarded up. I heard a rumor that There was a terrible murder. It is all very interesting to me.

Matt Simmons said...

For anyone interested, I had the pleasure of writing an in-depth story on the Rosedale Diner/Abandoned Luncheonette, which was owned by the same man who owned Pizza World, so there are a few mentions of PW, as well. You can find it in the August 2010 archives of "Diner Hotline" at www.dinerhotline.wordpress.com

Anonymous said...

I was always wondering what ever happen to the abandoned pizza world. Mat Simmons, i read your comment posted above and was wondering if you would happen to have information on the owner, because i would be interested in speaking with him about it.

Matt Simmons said...

Hi, (Anonymous)

I'm not sure if you had a chance to read the Diner Hotline feature from August of 2010, but the man who owned Pizza World when it was operational passed away at the age of 86 about 4 years ago. If you are interested in learning about the restaurant's past, that feature, particularly the latter half that I wrote, will probably give you a lot of valuable information. If you are interested in learning about the structure's present or future, I will see if any of my contacts in that area might know who now owns the land and the structure. It no longer belongs to anyone in the original owner's family ~ of that much I am aware. I'll be glad to pass along anything I find out.

Anonymous said...

That would be greatly appreciated if I would be able to get any contacts about Pizza World's future/present structure. Thanks for the quick response as well.
Andrew F.

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